!! ( Your soundfont for games with MIDI support ;) / Euer Soundfont für eure PC games mit MIDI Synthese )!!


Giant Soundfont v6.0 released !


Hallo an alle die das Giant Soundfont kennen ;)

Hier gibt es die neusten Bänke. Viel Spass




Hello to all who know the Giant SoundFont ;)

Here are the latest banks. Have fun



Gaint Soundfont V6.0 released !! (18.09.2016 14:58:03)

Out now !! Drumkit links are fixed. Other will follow. Have FUN !! Let me know if U need offline stuff. I will Upload it again ;)

Greetings your SF programmer ;)


Jetzt draussen !! Drumkits Links wurden gefixt. Andere werden folgen. Lasst es mich wissen wenn ihr Sachen braucht die gerade offline sind.

Ich werde diese wieder Uploaden.

Grüße von eurem SF Progammierer ;)

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AW: Gaint Soundfont V6.0 released !!
Geschrieben am 14.10.2017 23:08:41 von Programmer

Its License free indeed. For Private use.
AW: Gaint Soundfont V6.0 released !!
Geschrieben am 29.09.2017 03:00:30 von Gruust

What's the license for your soundfonts? What are the terms of use? If don't specify it, I assume it's personal use only.
AW: Gaint Soundfont V6.0 released !!
Geschrieben am 05.09.2017 23:31:11 von Programmer

I checked it but there were now Problems in the MIDIS. Are you using X-FI Hardware synth or BASSMIDI??
AW: Gaint Soundfont V6.0 released !!
Geschrieben am 29.04.2017 16:09:47 von Dricks


Great soundfont, but it seems there is some missing sounds with the "0:75 pan flute" (6.0bank2.sf2)

In lands of lors, it's missing some part of the melody when scotia takes the jewel in the introduction sequence.

Could you have a look at it ?
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